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Dealership Opportunities

An AMSOIL dealership is a real business opportunity. Don't underestimate the potential of an Amsoil business just because the barriers to entry are low. Yes, there are a lot of Amsoil dealers, but VERY FEW are serious about it. For those who ARE serious about it, the possibilities are limitless. If you are a great communicator, have good computer skills, are internet savvy, love talking to people or writing, are willing to learn about Amsoil and willing to commit yourself to building your future, you are just who we are looking for.

You can sign up to be a dealer online. Just go here: AMSOIL Dealer Signup Form

AMSOIL Products are sold through Independent Dealers. Retail and Commercial Accounts are also implemented through AMSOIL Dealers ONLY. Preferred Customers enjoy the same discounts as dealers but as an AMSOIL Dealer you also receive commissions, leads and substantial financial growth opportunities. AMSOIL Dealers pay only $30.00 a year for dues. Some of the many benefits:

  • Wholesale Pricing. Save about $20 per case of oil. Dealer price is 20-25% less than the published retail price. Includes all AMSOIL products. When you sell products, this is your profit margin, before bonuses and commissions.
  • Shipping discounts apply and pick up at warehouses is also available. (12 national warehouses)
  • Receive a packet with AMSOIL Product descriptions, package sizes, and the DEALER Price Guide. Also the AMSOIL Magazine will be mailed to you each month. Learn why AMSOIL is the watchdog of the marketplace. Features product tests and interesting industry updates.
  • Access to AMSOIL's Dealer Zone and sales tools on the corporate website. There are extensive dealer training resources available free of charge.
  • Earn real income in spare time, even a full time business. Plus you will earn a commission on everything you order. We will help you earn more dealers and accounts, thus ensuring repeating income. If you work hard and stick with it long-term, there is literally no limit to what you can acheive. This is no free lunch and you won't get rich quick, but you CAN get rich slowly and steadily, if you just keep working on your business.
  • Plenty of support... No hassles, paperwork or quotas to fill. No inventory required. All products are drop shipped from one of our national warehouses. It's an ideal business opportunity. Your success is ultimately my success so I will always be here to help you grow your business.
  • Powerful programs set up to gain large commercial, government and retail accounts as well as individual sales. New sales programs and tools are being created and revised now. Click here for a helpful brochure that outlines the multiple ways you can make money with Amsoil. A real sales professional can make this a real business very quickly. If you are new to sales, you will learn a lot and there is plenty of training available. You can build your business slowly over time, working part-time, or jump in with both feet and make it your full-time job.
  • Growth Bonuses and Rewards that add up - Once you reach a certain level, called the Direct Jobber, the commission level increases dramatically and you can see substantial income. Direct Jobbers are eligible for bonus programs based on sales growth and volume.
  • Personal support. If you join as a dealer with me as your sponsor you will be joining one of the strongest sales groups within the Amsoil sales organization. We work together with our Direct Jobber and we are one of the highest-selling groups in Amsoil. Where ever you are in the country, this website generates leads and I will regularly send leads your way for customers in your area. If you become T1 certified (which is easy to do) Amsoil will send leads your way as well.
  • Significant Tax deductions. - One of the advantages of a home based business, but only if you run it like the real business that it is. Use a room in your house exclusively for running your Amsoil business and you can deduct that portion of your housing expenses. You can also deduct mileage, computer equipment, advertising, and other business expenses.
  • AMSOIL University - Every year AMSOIL hosts a school for serious dealers wanting to get more from their businesses. It's a great way to jump start your business.
  • Advertise with AMSOIL Clothing. Updated constantly. Proudly wear our great styles and grow your business. Also low-cost business cards are available through Amsoil.
  • Create strong working relationships. The successful Amsoil dealer builds long term relationships with customers, businesses, and other dealers. If you are looking for a rewarding work experience, this is it.
  • Other Product Lines. As an Amsoil dealer, you are also automatically a dealer for the ALTRUM and AGGRAND product lines. You could build your whole business on just one of these product lines but you have access to sell all three from day one.
  • About network marketing: Amsoil is a network marketing company, but that is not their primary focus. Network marketing is the method they use to compensate their sales force, but the company is product driven. This means that nobody gets paid until products are sold. We're not paid for signing up new dealers. This is the only way to do Network Marketing. Any other way is unsustainable and unethical.
It costs only $30 per year. For 35 years people have become financially independent thanks to a quality product people return for. The Starter Kit is all you need to get going. Use the Contact Us form to drop me a line, let me know you are interested in being a dealer, and I will get back to you. I can provide a LOT more information than what you see here. By joining as a dealer with my group, you will get constant help and advice. We work together as a group to bring all of our dealers up to the highest level, but we can only help those who are willing to put forth the effort. You really can make something out of this, if you work hard, learn more all the time, build relationships, and provide superior customer service. Your future success with Amsoil will come a lot easier if you join a strong sales group and a sponsoring dealer who will put a lot of effort into helping you and bringing you up to speed. That's what we offer.

AMSOIL Dealer Signup Form

If this sounds like too much for you to take on right now and would rather just buy great Amsoil products at dealer wholesale prices, click HERE for information about the preferred customer program. You can always upgrade to a full dealership later.